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Mobile company

Deposit required


All rates include life jackets and safety equipment

Sea Doo GTI / GTS

 1 hour / 1 Jet ski / 1 rider


 1 hour / 1 Jet ski / 2 riders


1 1/2  hours / 1 Jet ski / 1 rider


1 1/2  hours / 1 Jet ski / 2 riders


 3 hours  / 1 Jet ski / 1 rider


3 hours  / 1 Jet ski / 2 riders



$100 for hour/ hour & 1/2 rental

$200 for 3 hour rental

(Per Jet ski, Fully refundable as long as no damages were done. Flipping  Jet skis is considered damage)

Deposit is due after the reservation is confirmed.

Deposit is a different transaction from the rental rate.

Deposit is refundable within 24 hours after rental.

Deposit will not be refunded if you don't show to your reservation.

Deposit with be held if you flip the jet ski upside down.

What to bring:

Your ID & boat safety course certificate

Sandals or water shoes or sneakers

Sunglasses or hat

Your cellphone

Bottle of water if doing more than 1 hour rental

All driver's must be at least

14 years old.

(with boating safety course)

Must sign a waiver to participate in the activities.


Boating Safety Education card require for rental, unless born before 1/1/1988.

Get your free Boating Safety course online at WWW.BOATUS.ORG

Please donate to help keep it being free.


Use Booking tab to select a date and time for rental.

We will confirm the reservation ASAP

Wavepads distributor


 Veteran owned and operated

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